Surgical Group of Johnson City
Bariatric Surgery
Our office has been performing bariatric surgery since 2002. Our surgeons are the most experienced in the Tri City area. Upon presentation to our office, you will be screened and prepared for the most beneficial procedure to help with your problem of obesity. Below is a list of the procedures performed by our surgeons.
  1. Roux-en-y Gastric Bypass. This procedure can be performed both laparoscopic and open. The vast majority of our patients have had laparoscopic surgery. This procedure is the most common of all bariatric procedures. The patient can expect to lose 70-80% of their EXCESS weight with this procedure.
  2. Sleeve Gasterectomy. This procedure involves removing the left side of the stomach. This results in between 85-90% of he stomach being removed. IT was most often performed on patients with a BMI over 60 as part of a two steptwo-step procedure to help the patient lose enough weight to make the duodenal switch successful. . It now is a successful weight loss procedure by itself and at 5 years it's success rivals the roux-en-y gastric bypass. It likewise is most commonly performed laparoscopically and does not involve rearranging the small intestines.
  3. We also do revisional operations on patients who have had a previous weight loss surgical procedure that now requires surgical attention.
  4. Orbera® intragastric balloons. This is a nonsurgical weight loss procedure, which is performed endoscopicsally as an outpatient. It results in 30-60 lb. weight loss over a 6 month time frame. It includes access to a monthly nutritionist visit as well as year long follow up with physician visits and exercise plan. It is not covered by insurance and is offered on a cash basis.


Bariatric Surgery Patient Education Booklet

Bariatric Surgery Nutrition Handbook

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