Surgical Group of Johnson City
Breast Surgery
Breast Cancer has become increasingly more frequent. What once occurred in 1 in 11 women now occurs in less than 1 in 9 women. Attention to risk factors and early detection has become more important. This is best accomplished with monthly self-examinations, yearly mammography (initial at 35, yearly after 40), and yearly physical examinations.

Breast Cancer surgery itself has undergone a minimally invasive approach. The vast majority of cancers can now be treated by lumpectomy or partial mastectomy. It is now the rare occasion that a complete mastectomy is necessary. It has become more of the patient's choice as to which procedure is performed as overall survival is the same with either choice.

Most importantly, it is the treatment of the lymph nodes which has underwent the most advantageous approach to minimally invasive surgery. No longer do women have to endure the potential side effects of a full lymph node dissection unless there is documented metastatic cancer. Most women with early stage breast cancer are candidates for a Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy. This is where only 1 or 2 lymph nodes are removed at the time of surgery to test for metastatic cancer. This spares about 75% of patients from having to risk the side effects of a complete lymph node dissection. Our surgeons are trained and experienced in this technique.