Surgical Group of Johnson City
Colorectal Surgery
Many colon and rectal problems require surgery. The most common being diverticular disease, colon polyps and cancer. The most serious of these is colorectal cancer. This malignancy is best treated by surgery and the General Surgeon is the most experienced and qualified provider. Our surgeons are knowledgeable and experienced in the latest technology for the surgical care of colorectal cancer. We have years of experience in both the laparoscopic and open approach to colon resections. Most recently, they have been trained in Da Vinci robotic resections and now offer this technique as an option. We also believe these are best cared for by a team approach and therefore work closely with the gastroenterologist, oncologist, and radiation therapist

However, there are also many benign conditions which occasionally result in surgical intervention. These include large polyps which cannot be removed with the colonoscope and recurrent diverticulitis or diverticular disease. Both of these conditions can result in the need for surgical removal of a section of the colon or rectum. Traditionally, this has been done with a large incision resulting in a prolonged recovery time and significant discomfort. Our surgeons have done many of these procedures through the laparoscope resulting in a shorter hospital stay, less pain and discomfort and a faster return to unrestricted activity with excellent results. This has become our preferred approach to colorectal surgery and has been met with increased patient satisfaction. . Most recently, they have been trained in the Da Vinci robotic resections and now offer this technique as an option.