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Hemorrhoid Surgery

New Technique for Hemorrhoidectomy

Hemorrhoids have been an unwelcome problem for centuries. It has also been a misunderstood problem. Hemorrhoids are actually the veins which drain our lower rectum and anus. They can develop varicosities like the veins in our legs. With time and persistent pressure they will eventually prolapse and become inflamed. This will lead to multiple complaints such as bleeding, pain, itching, prolapse and thrombosis.

Hemorrhoids are classified by grades. Grade I is mild disease. Grade II will prolapse but spontaneously reduce. Grade III will prolapse but will require manual reduction. Grade IV are prolapsed and cannot be reduced.

Most hemorrhoidal symptoms can be treated without surgical intervention. This includes fiber supplementation, stool softeners, increased water consumption, exercise, sitz baths and steroid ointments. However, when conservative measures fail there are several options. Most grade II and some grade III hemorrhoids can be successfully treated by hemorrhoidal banding techniques. The majority of grade III and all grade IV disease must be treated surgically.

Historically, traditional hemorrhoid surgery has been feared because of the significant postoperative pain. This no longer is the case. A device called the PPH hemorrhoid stapler has been developed which has revolutionized this procedure. This is a simple outpatient procedure which produces excellent results with significantly less pain. The patient can usually return to regular unrestricted activity in about 5 days. Thus far, our patients have raved about their results. They have experienced far less discomfort than traditional hemorrhoid surgery and returned to their everyday activities much quicker.

Every patient with rectal prolapse or symptomatic prolapsing hemorrhoids should consider being evaluated to see if they are a candidate for this new procedure. Appointments can usually be made expeditiously with one of our surgeons credentialed in this technique.